Seniority Points

Important Information

Please note that there are several factors affecting the number of points which may appear or which your company may receive per show.

  • Show points indicated are the sole property of the contracted "Exhibitor of Record". An exhibitor's show history record will be carefully maintained by NMMA, and no trading of space, sharing of seniority points between commonly-owned entities, or other deviations will be permitted if the result, in the opinion of the Shows Committee, is to "leap-frog" over another exhibitor with higher point seniority.
  • In February 1996, notice was given to every Exhibitor that had ever exhibited in any NMMA boat show, requesting information that would assist NMMA in reconstructing such exhibitors' past show seniority point history. The purpose was to identify dealers and/or manufacturers that had shared space contracted by one or the other-either by a dealer or the manufacturer. In these cases, NMMA and the dealer/manufacturer will work together to rectify any point history in question. Dealer/Manufacturer may be requested to supply evidence of participation (copy of space application, floor plan, copy of Working Dealer form, badge, letter from dealer/manufacturer verifying participation, etc.). Such information supplied will be held in the strictest confidence.
  • Each exhibitor is awarded one show seniority point per year of show participation regardless of space size or number of locations.
  • There are "single-tiered" shows and "double-tiered" shows. Single-tiered shows only tabulate the number of years a company has participated in a particular show and use this number for space allocation purposes. Double-tiered shows combine both NMMA membership points and show seniority points--i.e., each year of consecutive NMMA membership + each year of show participation. The Progressive® Insurance Miami International Boat Show®, and the International Boatbuilders' Exhibition & Conference® (IBEX) are the ONLY shows considered "double-tiered" shows that use this combined number for space allocation purposes.
  • Show seniority points are maintained even if an exhibitor skips a year of participation so long as you are in compliance with all other guidelines outlined in the terms and conditions of your contract and so long as your account remains in good standing with the NMMA.
  • The seniority point system shall be used for the purpose of upgrading Exhibitors to new locations within a show; and, for the purpose of increasing the size of Exhibitor's space when such space becomes available for re-allocation among current exhibitors. Requests for space upgrades, increases and/or moves MUST be made in writing on the Space Request Form. If a request is not made in writing, NMMA personnel will not assume responsibility for failure to accommodate perceived claims for upgrades, increases or moves.
  • Either in the "Last Year's Exhibitors" section of the space application or by separate communication on company letterhead

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Name Sort descending Show Points Member Points
27North Inc 0 Non-Member
62 Sales 1 Non-Member
Abound Credit Union 0 Non-Member
Admirals Anchor 46 Non-Member
Alabama Mountain Lakes Tourist Association 11 Non-Member
Alabama Tourism Department 11 Non-Member
Alpha E-Bikes 0 Non-Member
American Boat & Yacht Repair 29 Non-Member
Aqua Doc Inc 0 Non-Member
Aqua Lube of Kentucky 10 Non-Member
Aquaficial, Inc. 0 Non-Member
Arnolds Boats & Motors 31 Non-Member
Bailey Custom Boats 0 Non-Member
Bank Trailer Security Systems 0 Non-Member
Blaze Anti-Fog 0 Non-Member
Bourbon City Golf Carts 0 Non-Member
Bourbon City Yacht Tenders 0 Non-Member
C.R.C. Development Company, LLC dba Landau 13 16
Cadiz-Trigg County Tourist & Convention Commission 6 Non-Member
Campers Inn of Louisville, formerly Tom Stinnett RV 54 Non-Member
Carrier Marine Services 0 Non-Member
Carroll County Tourism 4 Non-Member
Cave City Tourism & Convention Center 22 Non-Member
Cave Country Canoes 1 Non-Member
Ceraland Park and Campground 1 Non-Member
Clinton County Tourism Commission 1 Non-Member
Cocktail Kickboards, LLC 0 Non-Member
Countryman Coatings 0 Non-Member
Cunningham Campers, Inc. dba Cunningham Campers & RVs 37 Non-Member
Cunningham Golf & Utility Vehicles 14 Non-Member
Current Watersports 6 Non-Member
Cutco Cutlery 10 Non-Member
Daviess County Chamber of Commerce/Visitor's Bureau 2 Non-Member
Day Brothers Auto & RV Sales 8 Non-Member
DBD Associates 0 Non-Member
Denney Auto & Marine, Inc. 15 Non-Member
Dever Golf Cars 12 Non-Member
Dinkwe Safaris 0 Non-Member
Dukes A&W Enterprises 32 Non-Member
Eastern Highlands South 1 Non-Member
Eiron Breaker Lure Co 0 Non-Member
Elite Boat Sales 9 Non-Member
Euroshine USA Inc 0 Non-Member
Fiberglass Concepts, Inc. 0 Non-Member
First 2 Market Products dba GRIPSTICK 1 Non-Member
Four Roses Distillery 2 Non-Member
Four Season Sales 0 Non-Member
Grayson County Tourism 17 Non-Member
Green River Marina 43 Non-Member
Harrison County CVB 6 Non-Member
Hoosier Hills Marina 5 Non-Member
Jody Lashley's Custom Docks 0 Non-Member
Kentuckiana Yacht 1 Non-Member
Kentucky Bourbon Tours 0 Non-Member
Kentucky Lake CVB 0 Non-Member
Kings Island Camp Cedar 0 Non-Member
KY State Police Trooper Island 1 Non-Member
Lake Cumberland Tourist Commission 15 Non-Member
Lake Time Supply Co. 0 Non-Member
LeafFilter North, LLC 2 Non-Member
Lee's Ford Resort Marina 4 Non-Member
Louisiana Office of Tourism 0 Non-Member
Louisville Metro River Patrol 9 Non-Member
Marengo Cave 4 Non-Member
Marine Covers 9 Non-Member
Marine Sales & Service, Inc. 41 Non-Member
Marshall County Tourism & Sports 0 Non-Member
Mid South Marketing, Inc. 13 Non-Member
Montara Boats 0 2
Nashville Shores Lakeside Resort 9 Non-Member
National Marine Manufacturers Association 2 Non-Member
Nick's Boat Dock 13 Non-Member
Optimum Polymer Technologoies, Inc. 0 Non-Member
Patoka 4 Seasons Resort 0 Non-Member
Patoka Lake Marina, Inc 22 Non-Member
Powell Brothers Dock and Marine 0 Non-Member
Progressive Insurance 0 17
Renegade Marine & Outdoor Center 14 Non-Member
Right Stop RV Center 14 Non-Member
Rivertown RV 0 Non-Member
Roots RV & Sales, Inc. 23 Non-Member
Sea Ray of Louisville 59 Non-Member
ShelbyKY Tourism 0 Non-Member
Sidekick Concepts LLC 0 Non-Member
Silencer Central 0 Non-Member
Skaggs RV Outlet, LLC 27 Non-Member
Smokin' Oak 27 Non-Member
SoCo Swings 8 Non-Member
Somerset/Pulaski Convention & Visitors Bureau 18 Non-Member
St. Clair Motor Lodge 0 Non-Member
Star Glow International 0 Non-Member
Star Magic Solutions 2 Non-Member
Stouts RV Centers, LLC dba Camping World RV Sales 8 Non-Member
StriperFun Guide Service 2 Non-Member
Sun In Comfort Inc 0 Non-Member
Superior Docks, LLC 0 Non-Member
T & S Sales 14 Non-Member
T-Mobile 0 Non-Member
Taylorsville Lake Marina, Inc. 9 Non-Member
Tennessee RV FlexArmor 0 Non-Member
The Corbin Financial Group 5 Non-Member
The Fallen Outdoors 0 Non-Member
Therapeutic Innovation 0 Non-Member
TK Marine dba SMI Marine 9 Non-Member
TNT Watersports KY 4 Non-Member
Tourist Information Service 46 Non-Member
Trifecta Houseboats 4 Non-Member
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers 10 Non-Member
U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary 18 Non-Member
U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs 0 Non-Member
Unique Product Sales 9 Non-Member
United Motorsports 0 Non-Member
United Motorsports & RV 0 Non-Member 5 Non-Member
Wax Marina 0 Non-Member
WHAS-TV Crusade for Children 12 Non-Member
Wigglewow 0 Non-Member
Wright Implement 0 Non-Member
Youngblood's RV Supercenter 9 Non-Member
Zerorez 0 Non-Member